yukihiro miniature houses

Miniature houses by Yukihiro Akama

By Marina Iglesias, 2015-03-25

Yukihiro Akama is a Japanese architect who makes little wee houses that you´d wish you could move into one of them straight away. He moved to the UK with his family after his plot of land in Japan, where he planned to build his own house, was destroyed by the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Although he had to leave that one behind, Yukihiro is continuing building dream houses from native wood found on his family walks around Yorkshire, only that they are miniature houses; beautiful, charming and cozy homes carved with exquisite taste and it looks like his launching a second collection this year, hurray!

Yukihiro Akama es un arquitecto japonés que hace casas pequeñitas a las que te mudarías sin pestañear. Se trasladó al Reino Unido con su familia después de que su parcela en Japón, donde iba a construir su propia casa, fuese destruida por el desastre nuclear de Fukushima. A pesar de que tuvo que dejarlo todo atrás, Yukihiro sigue construyendo casas de ensueño, de madera nativa que encuentra durante sus paseos con su familia alrededor de Yorkshire, sólo que son casas en miniatura; hogares bellos, encantadores y acogedores tallados con un gusto exquisito. Y parece que este año lanza otra collección, olé!

Photography from The Shop Floor Project

akama wooden houses

yukihiro wooden houses

miniature houses akama

yukihiro yorkshire miniature homes

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