Derry temple by Burning Man´s artist David Best


If you are around the area of Derry (Northern Ireland), don´t miss out the magnificent wooden structure “The Derry Temple” before it goes into flames, or even better watch it burn and admire the show.

james ward jimbobart

Animal teacups by Jimbobart


Everytime I discover something for the Animal Collective category I get butterflies in my tummy, and this one is no diferent!!! Jimbobart

nautical nell

Octopus about town


Octopus and all creature lovers, be happy because they’re here to stay.


Vases made out of pencils


Hundreds of pencils combine to become unique vases in a series called “Amalgamated”.

mcnabb cityshapes

Wooden cityshapes by James McNabb


James McNabb sketches with a bandsaw to turn discarded wood into amazing city shapes and skylines.

ali miller osopanda design

Tea with Ali Miller


Crazily quirky and wonderfully whimsical, Ali Miller can make a cup of tea come to life


Slapstick lipstick


London based makeup artist, Laura Jenkinson, uses lipstick and paint to create wacky, wonderful characters on her face.

ray young chu trex dj

Cats and more, so much more…Ray Young Chu illustrations


Who´s up for this T-rex session? I am! Or a bowl of cereal with laser kittens anyone? Yes, please! Check out this and more of Ray Young Chu´s art and illustrations, nice work.