Crafty Christmas: Mugs Mugs Mugs


Show me a person that doesn’t need a mug, just try.

pet chair osopanda

Rockin chair for a pair


 A rocking chair built for both people and their pet companions,

underwater photography 2015

Underwater photography 2015


Good morning!!! It´s Friday! Here´s a selection of some of the best photographs from the Underwater Photography Competition 2015. Sit back and enjoy and for more pictures you can visit the Underwater Photographer of the Year website, (via The Guardian).    

mosquito can planter

Mosquito can planters


How cute and fun are these!? And how easy are they to make?

james ward jimbobart

Animal teacups by Jimbobart


Everytime I discover something for the Animal Collective category I get butterflies in my tummy, and this one is no diferent!!! Jimbobart


Grrrrrreat trailers


For the trendy traveling pooch that has everything, comes the custom miniature pet trailer.

nautical nell

Octopus about town


Octopus and all creature lovers, be happy because they’re here to stay.

haoshi cuckoo osopandadesign

Cuckoo X clock


Cuckoo X Clock by Haoshi Design is a simply elegant take on the traditional one.

tim flach animal portrait

More than Humans by Tim Flach


Tim Flach has a thing for good looking animals.

ols cloths osopandadesign

Wildlife photographer of the year


Here are a few snippets of the most extraordinary species on the planet


Ceramic cats & tempting tigers


These quirky companions are creations of Leah Reena Goren, an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn, NYC

ray young chu trex dj

Cats and more, so much more…Ray Young Chu illustrations


Who´s up for this T-rex session? I am! Or a bowl of cereal with laser kittens anyone? Yes, please! Check out this and more of Ray Young Chu´s art and illustrations, nice work.